28 September 2018

Reporting from Northcon 2018

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Welcome to Northcon 2018 travel blog! Here you will get to step into our shoes and see what it is like to attend Northmill’s legendary annual conference. The event, which has previously been held in Palma, Madrid and Prague, is organised to celebrate our achievements, look to the future and welcome our new, fantastic colleagues. Read along to find out just what it means to be a Northmillian!

Day 1: Arriving to Spain

The first day started similarly for Northmill Sweden, Finland and Poland; by getting on a plane to head for the Spanish coastline.

The first evening began with a welcome mingle, so all teams could meet and greet over some light drinks and refreshments. The evening came to a close by a toast from our CEO, Lars. More than to express his gratitude that so many had come, he introduced our newest recruits before we all raised our glasses.


News NC2018 Finnish Team Arriving

Northmill Finland excited for their flight.


News NC2018 Swedish Team Arriving

A team of energized Swedish Northmillians on their way to Spain.


News NC2018 Polish Team Arriving

The Polish IT team made sure to bring Mario Kart – the best on-the-go companion!


News NC2018 Niko Joonas

Product Specialist Nikola Markovic and Product Manager Joonas Haapoja.


News NC2018 Tobias Margareta

CFO Tobias Ritzén with Chairwoman Margareta Lindahl.


News NC2018 Bea My

Junior HR Generalist Beatrice Widlund and Office Assistant My Tynell.


News NC2018 Strahinja

DevOps Engineer Strahinja Popovic.


News NC2018 Erik Bjorn Ninos

Customer Team Manager Erik Holting, Board Member Björn Hazelius and Credit Controller Ninos Kurt.


Day 2: Northmill Sessions

The day that followed was filled from start to end with sessions from various leaders in the company. After a keynote by our CEO, Chairman Margareta went up on stage. She discussed culture, and how a well-communicating and accommodating organisation can be more powerful than strategy and structure ever can.

Next up on the stage was Babel, Product Owner of Rebilla, our mobile financial hub. He talked about the vision for the coming year, divided into four parts: credits, insurances, payments, and savings. Together with software engineer Mateusz Boś we also got a live demo, which Babel thought was very important; “now it’s tangible for everyone, the app is ready and we’re almost good to go. I think the hype level internally is getting much higher as well. We want to see our customers succeed with their financials, no matter what products they have with us, so I think that excitement is going to carry over as soon as we show it to the world.”

There were many more interesting sessions – founder stories from our CIO, further developments for our insurances with our Chief Customer Officer, and even a rap by CMO Arim Salci.

The sessions ended with the Northmill Craft Awards - 2 awards given to the individual and team that best represents Northmill’s cultural values. This time, the award went to Product Specialist Nikola Markovic, and the IT team.


News NC2018 Margareta

Chairwoman Margareta Lindahl talks about the importance of culture.


News NC2018 Babel

Demoing the Rebilla app with software engineer Mateusz Boś.


News NC2018 Arim

CMO Arim Salci taking on 2pac’s “Changes” with Northmill adapted lyrics.


News NC2018 CRAFT Team

The winner team of CRAFT Awards 2018 – IT team. 


News NC2018 CRAFT Nikola

Product Specialist Nikola Markovic was chosen as the winner of CRAFT Awards 2018.


Day 3: The Northmill Challenge

The last day had Northmill's biggest team building activity yet - hiking El Caminito del Rey! The 7-kilometer-long hike goes through gorges, valleys and canyons about 100 meters over the river below.

It was intense and extremely hot – far from the average September day in Sweden, Finland and Poland – but all who started pushed through. In true CRAFT fashion, we even had many Northmillians conquering their fear of heights on their way through.

And that's a wrap! After a bit of R&R by the pool and some well-deserved food, all Northmillians flew home the next morning, energised for the coming year. Thank you to all involved and the beautiful city of Malaga!


News NC18 Hike



News NC18 Hike 2



News NC18 Hike 3



News NC18 Hike 4



News NC18 Hike 5



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