09 October 2018

Change in Northmill’s executive management

After about 7 months of employment, Northmill’s board and Lars Blomfeldt have mutually decided to end Lars’ tenure as CEO of Northmill.

The decision was mutual and based on differing views regarding culture and leadership.

“Lars is a very competent person with many strengths that have contributed to Northmill’s development, but we agree that this is the best decision for both involved parties” says Margareta Lindahl, Chairwoman at Northmill.

Co-founder Hikmet Ego will assume the role of CEO, a role he held from the founding of the company in 2006 until February 2018, when Lars Blomfeldt joined Northmill. Hikmet will have the role in an interim capacity, and the recruitment for a permanent replacement for Lars has been initiated.

The CEO change will not have an effect on the company’s goals, vision or strategy.

For more information, please contact:

Hikmet Ego
CEO and co-founder
+46 (0)73 438 64 73

Tobias Ritzén
+46 (0)72 534 97 61

Margareta Lindahl
Chairwoman of the Board
+46 (0)70 648 88 51

About Northmill
Northmill is a Swedish fintech innovation company, founded in 2006 with the vision of simplifying everyone’s financial life. Northmill develops straightforward and secure financial services using technology and innovation, with offices in Sweden, Finland, and Poland. As of 2018, the company has over 200,000 users and 85 employees.


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