Privata Affärer praises the Northmill card: “No fees”


The Nordics’ biggest personal financial magazine, Privata Affärer, has compared bank cards and praises one in particular: “The Northmill debit card is the cheapest, with zero fees and currency exchange fees.”

After the pandemic, trips abroad have picked up again. The summer is around the corner and people book flights and hotels to explore cities or look for some relaxation on the beach.

In the meantime, inflation has made us more careful when it comes to shopping, whether it’s food or gas or turning off devices that consume a lot of electricity at home. For that reason, it is quite important to compare bank cards before booking a trip.

And comparing cards is exactly what Privata Affärer has done. In a recent article, the Nordics’ biggest personal financial magazine for personal finance took a look at five different cards, analyzing them in terms of pricing, card fees and insurances.

A table on key metrics such as currency exchange fees, withdrawal fees and annual fees is shown. The article states: “The cheapest [card] is the Visa debit card from Northmill, with zero fees and currency exchange fees, although it lacks travel insurance.”

Northmill CEO: “The best offer on the market”

Having a card that is free for our customers was not enough for us. That's why we added 2% savings interest on your balance on the account connected to your card. This means that you get paid by us from day one, as long as you have money on your Northmill account.

– We are proud to offer what we think is the best offer on the market. While others insert fees, we have chosen to insert interest on the account, which means that you get 2% savings interest from the start, Northmills CEO Tord Topsholm comments.

You can also apply for an account credit of up to 50,000 SEK. It is completely free until you make a withdrawal. If you have a Northmill account, make a withdrawal and use the card either physically or through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Our vision is to improve financial life. That’s why our card comes with no fees. Apply for the card, start using it today and enjoy the savings interest on your account. If you are planning your summer holidays, the Northmill card is your perfect travel companion in 2023.

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