07 September 2018

Northmill launches its second insurance product



Fintech company Northmill, who launched its first insurance product 2017 is expanding its insurance product portfolio offering.

Since 2006 Northmill has been disrupting the consumer finance market by offering consumer credit services. Today, Northmill has a range of different products and brands in its current product portfolio and is about to launch the new mobile financial hub Rebilla that comes with the Rebilla MasterCard. The focus has always been to improve the user experience by utilizing modern technology and state of the art design in order to simplify for the customer.

Early 2016, Northmill spotted similarities between the financial industry and the insurance industry and decided to enter the insurance field with the same philosophy, to simplify products what can be interpreted as complex and hard to understand by customers. In 2017 Northmill launched its first insurance product, which was highly appreciated by the users. Now it’s time to follow up the roadmap with the second insurance product launch, an insurance for expense protection that gives the user financial security when it is needed the most.

– Our idea is to provide a wide range of innovative and transparent insurance products in a fast, simple and user-friendly way, says Chief Customer Officer, Simon Nilsson.

A flexible product, designed for the user

The expense protection is a product designed for the customer’s own needs. The user will get the opportunity to choose which level of protection that suits them and their financial situation. It provides a monthly payment to help customers maintain their standard of living if they get unemployed.

The insurance products are aligned with Northmill's vision to improve everyone’s financial life. Just as financial products, Northmill believes that insurance products should be easy to understand, relevant, transparent and simple to use. The new insurance becomes a welcomed addition to Northmill's product offering.



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