18 November 2019

Northmill hires new Chief Analytics and Credit Officer



Georges Mansourati from Swedbank will be a key player in the fast-growing Swedish tech bank’s continued growth

Northmill that recently received a Swedish license to conduct banking operations continues to attract key competence and is hiring Georges Mansourati as the new Chief Analytics and Credit Officer. Georges has held several leading roles during his eleven years at Swedbank, such as risk analyst, trader, business owner for advanced analytics and as head of the XVA and Capital Management desk. His mission at the tech bank is to lead the analytics and credit team in developing the next-generation models, aiming to transform data into products that improve everyone’s financial life. Georges will be part of Northmill’s Management Team.

Hikmet Ego, CEO at Northmill comments:
“Georges is another proof that we are attracting the very best and we are very happy to have him on board. He has extensive Swedish and international experience in establishing and accelerating analytics and credit operations on a very high level. Georges’ deep knowledge in data- and credit analysis will enable us to continue to be proactive and position ourselves even closer to the customers’ needs. This becomes increasingly important as we are planning to broaden our product portfolio substantially in the near future, and at the same time, we put in an extra gear in the work to establish ourselves as an international tech bank.”

The recent Swedish banking license unlocks several exciting opportunities and Northmill is currently investing heavily in analytics, risk, IT and compliance. Recently, Northmill hired a new Chief Risk Officer and doubled the number of employees in the tech department in the third quarter of 2019, which today represents fifty percent of the 125 employees.

Georges Mansourati comments:
“I am really excited to become a part of one of Europe’s most promising and profitable companies in the fintech-sector. It is clear to me that Northmill is a tech company conducting banking services where innovation and product development are at the core. The ability to move fast, the scalability and effectiveness in the processes appeal to me and I really believe in the company’s capacity to deliver on the vision to improve the everyday financial life of our customers. There is a genuine commitment to becoming a challenger to a traditional industry and in that journey, I look forward to playing an important role."

Northmill’s strategic investments and long-term focus have laid the foundation to scale up the new brand Rebilla, that as of today consists of three features, Reduce, Reward and Reassure.

Hikmet Ego comments:
“Imagine that you have a personal banker that works for you twenty-four-seven all year round, with the sole purpose of improving your personal finances, by for example offer you lower interest rate or tailor your insurances so that you only pay when you use them. All this in order to save you money. That is what we create with Rebilla, but we replace the banker with technology.”


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