New CEO at Northmill Bank


- Tord Topsholm will take the neobank to the next level

The neobank Northmill, which has the vision of improving people's financial life, appoints Tord Topsholm as the new CEO. Tord has extensive experience of leading positions in the banking and technology sector, in Sweden as well as internationally. Among other things, he has been Head of Product and Marketing at the Telecom giant BT, Chief Operating Officer at Entercard and CEO at Catella Bank. Most recently, Tord was the CEO of Avida Finans and, under his leadership, it grew and scaled up in several countries. His main task at Northmill will be to continue launching new products that customers love and accelerate the growth journey.

Tord Topsholm, CEO at Northmill Bank comments:
“To take over as CEO of Northmill is very exciting because the neobank has the opportunity to do something really, really great. Northmill is in the middle of the strong change that is currently taking place in the fintech market, which is all about being able to find new business models at the focal point between the digital and the personal. I have never seen a company so well equipped for this change. Northmill has a unique position as a deeply technology-driven company, with profitability and its own banking license -  all while still growing. This makes it possible to challenge what banking is about, namely the customer's personal experience and needs. The time when a bank can tell the customer what they need is over. The customers lead the way now.”

The departing CEO and co-founder, Hikmet Ego, who will continue being involved at Northmill as Chief Information Officer, CIO, comments on the appointment of Tord:

“We are very happy that Tord chose Northmill. His drive, technology and product expertise, along with his strong strategic business mindset, are exactly what we need to accelerate our growth journey further. He is used to working closely and directly with customers, and understands the value of listening to their feedback. This is how we will continue to build our offer — together with the customers. My co-founders and I are really looking forward to working closely with Tord on our long-term growth journey.”

Northmill aims for geographical expansion and several exciting product launches in the near future.

Tord comments:
“The development of our new card is a good example of modern product development, where end users are a natural part of the process. That's how I like to work. Release a first version, test and receive feedback, and then continue to develop at a fast pace, always being close to the users working with them. Northmill has managed to find a golden combination between the personal and the digital. The culture and the team are impressive, and I am really looking forward to taking Northmill to the next level together.”

Tord Topsholm takes over as CEO immediately.