Our Story

We were founded on the belief that technology can do amazing things when used right. We thought that a modern digital banking experience should be accessible, simple, yet powerful. A decade later, we have achieved just that. But we're not done yet.

We were Fintech before Fintech

Our belief in technology as a game changer made us adopt and develop technical solutions at a very early stage. We started to simplify financial services in a way that previously was unheard of. Suddenly, our customers could identify and register using Electronic ID. Soon, they could submit loan applications. All on their mobile phones! Today, this is basic knowledge. But we made it happen before the smartphone had launched on the market.

A new way of thinking

After successfully developing a mobile bank for everyone we became curious of what more we may change for the better. Since we did not depend on old IT-solutions or heavy administration — quite the opposite — we moved swiftly and easily from idea to deployment of a product or feature. This technological advantage gave us the opportunity to let our creativity run free and ultimately gave birth to a new way of thinking. A data-driven mindset that solely focuses on using technological advancements to add value for our customers.

Balancing innovation and regulation

For more than a decade we've been active in some of the toughest regulated markets in the world. This experience has taught us many things. For instance, that it is possible to nurture innovation while answering to strict regulations. Making risk management and compliance part of all our processes is another example of how we learned to balance innovation and regulation. We know this balance is important to keep our innovation at a high level and develop the financial products of the future.

Swedish Banking License

In September 2019 we were granted a license to conduct banking operations by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). Not only did it mark an exciting milestone in our history. The historical event gave us new opportunities to evolve and drive the positive change we aspire to. With great responsibility we take very seriously, we continue to build a digital banking experience accessible for everyone.

Northmill in numbers

Today, we have over 200 000 customers and 150 employees across three countries. We continue to provide the tools for people to make better financial choices.

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