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Our story

We were founded on the belief that technology can do amazing things when used right. We are convinced that a modern banking experience has its roots in people’s needs and wishes. That’s how you make it accessible, simple, yet powerful. 15 years, hundred thousands of hours coding and million of customer interactions later - we are equally percipient and curious - and our journey has just begun.

At the beginning...

Before iPhone’s, tablets and wearables existed, you could apply for a loan directly in your phone at Northmill. That is the weight of innovation our history carries. Since then it has been nurtured, fine tuned, and more importantly – gone through thousands of feedback loops with our customers. 

From idea to implementation

Since we never depended on some guy remembering the digital key to an on-premise solution somewhere in a basement, we moved swiftly from idea to implemented product or feature. It gave birth to our new way of looking at customer experience and banking itself. 

Banking needs to change and be more about solving people’s actual problems. We genuinely believe that we will be a strong force in that development. Imagine if you simply could track, improve and control your financial health and entire economic life in one single place? That is what we are developing. 

Deeply tech-driven

Northmill has helped more than 200 000 customers to date. We are 150 employees and more than 50 percent work with tech and product development. We spend a vast majority of our time developing new products and we work with the leading technology companies in the world, AWS, Snowflake, Tink and many more. Because that is what we are, a deeply tech-driven company.

So at Northmill you won’t trip on any cables because we are 100% cloud based. Using the latest technology to solve customer problems is our mission, and basically how we spend our days. That we would say is much more of a necessity than a reality at a neobank.


Every customer counts, and their feedback is the only nutrition we need. WE come ahead of me in our house, because the next generation banking experience is built together. 

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