About us

Why we do what we do

As the ground beneath the banking industry rumbles and shatters from a coming change, niche offerings are spread by the wind, and left isolated on desolate islands. Still, the greatest change is yet to come. A change driven by new technologies, competition, and - customers increased demands for a personal, relevant, and intelligent experience. To reach the beating heart of the future customer we need to motivate our right to exist in the focal point between digital and personal.

At Northmill we want to improve the financial life of average you. Help you pay, save and borrow money without hassle. We were founded with the belief that technology can do amazing things when used right and we are convinced that a modern banking experience has its roots in people’s needs and wishes. That’s how you make it accessible, simple, yet powerful. We believe that the power of WE is the strongest, most fun and best way of doing things.

In 2022 we decided to add business owners to our vision. By empowering over 2 500 brave entrepreneurs and merchants, we are helping them untap their full potential. Because just as many banking customers, merchants have similarly been overlooked . At the same time, how you shop does not, and certainly will not, look the same tomorrow as it does today. It will be seamless. Online and in-store will no longer exist. All there will be are customers’ who wish to shop and pay as they see fit.

We believe we can do this together, and without ever losing the personal touch.

In other words: Digital, yet personal.