The power of we

We are all part of one big financial organism. That also means that together we can affect it. We want a better financial life for all of us and that is why we develop products that help people improve their financial life. 

Our Values

We believe in the power of we. And the word CRAFT, where each letter represents one of our core values, are the foundation upon which we’ve built our business. CRAFT characterize and define how we strive to behave and act, internally as well as externally. Our ambition is to perfect our craft by always keeping our core values in mind in everything that we do.

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Northmill has had tremendous growth since the start of the company in 2006 and we continue to believe in the power of technology to constantly innovate and improve. Over time we have offered our products to more than 200,000 customers, expanded internationally and grown into a team of 150 people in currently three countries – Sweden, Finland and Poland. But what was true then is true now, we provide the tools for our customers to make better financial choices that effect us all.

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Duty of care

By conducting our business responsibly and with due consideration for the interest of all parties, we are creating a business that is sustainable in the long term. In our daily operations, we live by, return to and find guidance in our duty of care.

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Geared for growth

Get to know the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team at Northmill. We are a diverse group of leaders, united by a single goal: to give people the tools to make better financial decisions. 

Get to know us

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