Our top priority is to keep our employees safe and secure. We understand that this can be very challenging times for both our employees and customers, and we will aim to be as transparent, supportive and proactive as possible. It is important to know that we stand well prepared to handle a situation like this, and each employee at Northmill will continue to work relentlessly to make sure we support our employees and customers, as well as the community, to get through this challenging time.

Hikmet Ego, Co-founder and CEO at Northmill

How we are handling this

We have concrete plans in place for handling this situation in a good way and protect our employees, customers, and the business. This allows us to have all the necessary functions, processes, and capabilities in place so that our operations can continue as normal. Our strong company culture with great unity and brilliant people, as well as our technology stack, allow us to handle this extraordinary situation very well. We are able to draw on our capabilities across all functions to make sure it does not affect our customers, nor our operations, and we will continue to take action. 

Among those actions we have taken/are planning to take to handle the effects of the pandemic are: 

  • Strict hygiene and behavioral guidelines as well as precautionary quarantine measures, such as having a large part of our employees working remotely, have been implemented.
  • Our employees are kept informed and updated daily via internal communication channels.
  • We monitor and keep close contact with our employees in order to get an overview of their health situation and in case any additional actions must be taken.
  • We have a specially assigned group with the responsibility to monitor and assess the development ongoing and suggest and implement necessary actions.
  • Our customer center is available across all channels, phone, email, chat, WhatsApp and Facebook and if you have any questions you can reach us at +46 (0)8 558 033 38 or via mail info@northmill.com

Remember to wash your hands, help each other out and stay updated on the latest information!

COVID-19 Public information sources

Here are some accurate public information sources to stay up to date on the coronavirus developments.

> Swedish Authorities’ Joint Crisis Information Website

> Swedish Public Health Agency

> European Centre For Disease Prevention And Control

> Government Actions

> Tracking The Spread Of Covid-19

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