CRAFT – Northmill's core values

We summarize our core values in the word CRAFT, where each letter represents one of the values. These core values characterize and define how we strive to behave and act, internally as well as externally. Our ambition is to perfect our craft by always keeping our core values in mind in everything that we do.

Curious (1)


Curious represents our view on the world around us and new technology, as well as our commitment to improve and simplify things. The word reflects our constant questioning of established truths and the will to keep learning more about our customers.


Relentless mirrors our persistent work towards providing everyone with more straightforward and secure financial services. We will not stop until we have reached our goal of a simplified financial life for everyone.
Northmill Active


Active means that we never stop moving. Northmill was built on innovation and a belief in lifelong learning. We are constantly on the move, and regardless of our size, we will always retain our identity and culture as an innovation company.


Focused is how we remind ourselves of why and for whom we exist. We always remain focused on our goal to simplify financial services for consumers. The only way we can reach our mission of simplifying everyone’s financial life is through staying one hundred percent focused.
Flying Rocket


Thorough represents the fact that we never compromise on compliance, quality or security. Thoroughness pervades all aspects of our business. We want to make sure that we deliver safe and high-quality services to our customers.
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