Saving your hard-earned money has never been easier

Rebilla is a consumer-focused financial service with one mission; to help people save money in a jaw-droppingly simple way. Rebilla is up for the challenge to try and lower interest rates from any of our applicant's current creditors and provide people with a financial service that is inclusive, user-centered, seamless and incredibly easy to use.

Three steps, that's it

We have taken the effort required to save money down to its bare minimum. It only takes three very simple steps:


Upload your invoice

Upload a photo of your latest invoice on Rebilla app.

Read our offer

See how much Rebilla can bring savings to you.

Start saving

Accept our offer and start saving money with a lower interest rate.

Rebilla takes care of the rest, such as paying off your current loan and transferring it over to us.

Rebilla thrives in your smartphone

The Rebilla app is made for people who enjoy simple navigation solutions and do not want to be confused. We have gathered the essentials wrapped in a sleek design combined with well-thought-out UX/UI. The Rebilla app is available for Android and iOS.

Use the Rebilla app to:

  • Save money on interest.
  • Keep track of your credits.
  • View invoices and agreements.
  • Get notified when payments are due.
  • Contact us.

In a constant state of innovation

Rebilla is in a constant evolutionary state, where improvement and innovation is a vital part of our DNA, so stay tuned at to see how we simplify people's financial life.

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