Your financial life, in one app

Rebilla simplifies all regular, daily financial errands that consumers might have. No more, no less.

Rebilla is inclusive and lets everyone that passes our assessment, regardless of background, get access to the service.

Rebilla could be described as the hub for your personal finances.


Rebilla users receive tailor-made advice on how to save money and make financially sound decisions. One can also pay bills and transfer money to other accounts.

 Physical and virtual cards

 Send and receive money

 Personal finance tools

 Innovative saving services

Rebilla card

The Rebilla card allows the user to easily carry out purchases all over the world, and provides her with access to credit when needed – while remaining in control through the digital platform.

Intuitive design

We have the privilege to develop a financial hub from scratch and improve the most common financial services.

With the straightforward and intuitive interface, the user swiftly gains an overview of all payments, loans, insurances and savings. Simple as that.

A word from the CTO

Our vision is to provide a financial services platform for the 21st century. There are plenty of innovative fintech companies, notably in Northmill’s own hometown of Stockholm, creating applications that focus on a single service.

Using one app, you can transfer money to a friend and use another you can transfer foreign currency. There are also great services for managing your assets and creating goals for your savings.

But what is missing here, is the one app with all these features. That is what we are trying to achieve with Rebilla.

Marcin Ziółkowski
CTO at Northmill

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