The Rebilla project is about building the mobile bank for the next generation. It’s going to be a full fledged consumer bank with unique features created with the intent of making our financial life run smoother. Take part of our vision to redefine the banking experience for the 21st century and don't forget to sign up if you'd like to be the first to hear when we launch.

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How it started

Rebilla started as an R&D project in 2014 as an effort to develop mobile payments services. Gradually the project evolved into a vision of transforming more aspects about the concept of banking.

We started to build the infrastructure in 2015 and simultaneously the company has had a tremendous growth.

As of today we stand well positioned to launch Rebilla and to reap what we have sown so far. Transforming banking for the next generation will be a huge challenge but it's a challenge we are ready to take on.

Your bank in your pocket

Rebilla is built on the latest technology, hosted on cloud servers from major companies. We'll roll out new features in phases and amongst others are:

 Physical and virtual cards

 Send and receive money

 Personal finance tools

 Innovative saving services

 Currency exchange

A word from the CTO

Our vision is to provide a banking platform for the 21st century. There are plenty of innovative fintech companies, notably in Northmill’s own home town of Stockholm, creating applications that focuses on a single service.

Using one app, you can transfer money to a friend and using another you can transfer foreign currency. There’s also great services for managing your assets and creating goals for your savings.

But what is missing here, is the one app with all these features. That is what we are trying to achieve with Rebilla.

Marcin Ziółkowski
CTO at Northmill

So when do we launch?

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