Credway is used as a credit card without the physical card. The user gains an easy access to a flexible credit through a user-friendly and intuitive digital service. Credway has no pre-set repayment periods – it is entirely up to the users to decide when they want to expand or repay the credit.

Credway is easily handled through a digital platform. It always comes with a fixed interest rate and, unlike other products on the market, has no annual fees or other hidden costs.

Customer in the driver's seat

As the user is always in the driver’s seat and can freely decide the credit’s maturity, Credway can be described as the most flexible alternative on the market. All users gain access to a completely free credit buffer that is available exactly when it is needed. This way Credway will be for help in situations where the customers needs extra buffer in their private economy. 

  • User-friendly digital service
  • Fixed interest rate
  • No annual fees or hidden costs
  • Flexible credit
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