Brands of Northmill

Northmill's brand umbrella offers a set of financial products designed to make banking services better than ever. We believe this is a goal best achieved by having our core capabilities in-house.

Building everything from scratch allows us to provide awesome user experience, design and customer support.

Rebilla – the mobile bank of the future

Rebilla is our project to build a mobile bank, with all the financial services you'll ever need packed into just one app. It's set to launch soon.


Credway – a flexible credit line

Credway is a credit account that offers consumers a credit line up to 30 000 SEK. The product is best described as a credit card, but without the physical card.


Credigo – consumer lending

Credigo is our first international brand. Operating in both Finland and Sweden, Credigo offers a wide range of loans with payback times stretching from one month to five years.


Easycredit – online credit solutions

Easycredit offers consumer loans starting from 500 SEK up to 20 000 SEK.


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