Brands of Northmill

Northmill’s business philosophy is built upon innovation and technology combined with a clearly defined brand portfolio. Through these components, we build competitive financial services.

Rebilla: Your financial assistant

Rebilla simplifies all daily financial errands that consumers might have. By combining state of the art technology with an intuitive interface, Rebilla lets you achieve more with your finances than any traditional financial institution ever could.


Credway – A flexible credit line

Credway is a credit account that offers consumers a credit line up to 30 000 SEK. The product is best described as a credit card, but without the physical card.


Credigo – Personal loans

Credigo is a secure and inclusive alternative as the pricing of a loan is completely transparent and predictable without any surprises. The repayment period stretches from twelve to sixteen months.


Easycredit – Personal loans

Easycredit is the natural choice for those who need a swift and transparent credit to handle fluctuations in income flows, or for other various reasons are excluded from the financial market.


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