The Board and Management

"We are a diverse group of leaders that are united by a single goal: to give people the tools to make better financial decisions." – Margareta Lindahl, Chairwoman of the Board
Margareta Lindahl About

Margareta Lindahl, Chairwoman

Margareta has been the Chairman of the Board since 2018. She has extensive experience in finance with an emphasis on risk management. Prior positions include Head of Corporate Banking at Landshy- potek Bank, Head of Risk Management at Transcendent Group and Risk Analyst at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Margareta has a diploma in Agricultural Economics from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

People Per

Per Granath, Board member

Per joined Northmill's Board of Directors in 2018. He has extensive business leadership experience, including as CEO at Humana from 2006 to 2016. He also has ten years of experience from the capital market in positions including Vice President for Handelsbanken’s Corporate Finance Department. Per has board experience from several listed companies. He holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology and has studied both economics and law at the School of Business, Economy and Law at the University of Gothenburg and at Stockholm University. In addition, he has an executive education from Harvard Business School.

People Erik Fagerland

Erik Fagerland, Board member

Erik joined Northmill’s Board of Directors in 2017. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry with a specialization in compliance and control at companies including Bluestep Finans and Hoist Kredit. Erik holds an MSc in Civil Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and an MSc in Accounting and Finance from Gothenburg University.

People Karl

Karl Källberg, Board member

Karl joined Northmill’s Board of Directors in 2018. He has over 20 years of experience from the financial industry from roles inclu- ding Head of Model and Product Develop- ment at UC and Risk Manager at SEB. Karl holds a BSc in Statis¬tics & Economics from Stockholm University.

People Bjorn

Björn Hazelius, Board member

Björn joined Northmill’s Board of Directors in 2017. He has held several managerial positions within the banking industry, inclu- ding CEO of Nordic Finance and GE Capital’s financing company in the Benelux countries. Björn has a BA from Uppsala University.

People George

George Kurt, Board member

George co-founded Northmill in 2006 and was appointed Chief Strategy Officer in 2018. Before this, George was a serial entrepreneur in a wide range of industries.


Northmill's CEO is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company's affairs in accordance with external and internal rules. The CEO reports to the board and submits a special CEO report to the board at each board meeting. The report, among other things, deals with the development of the business based on the decisions made by the board.

The board has established an instruction for the CEO's work and role as well as the division of responsibilities and the interaction between the CEO and the board. The CEO appoints the members of the management group (chief executive officers, "CXOs") and the managers of the control functions. The Chief Risk Officer is also approved and decided by the board.

The CEO works together with the CXOs at Northmill's management team. The management discusses issues of common interest to several departments as well as strategic issues, risk management, business plans, financial forecasts and reports.

Northmill's management team consists of the following people:

  • Hikmet Ego, Chief Executive Officer
  • George Kurt, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Sargon Kurt, Chief Operating Officer
  • Tobias Ritzén, Chief Financial Officer
  • Arash Eftekhari, Chief Product Officer
  • Mattias Hallgrim, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Daniel Roxö, Chief Risk Officer
  • Simon Nilsson, Chief Customer Officer
  • Niclas Carlsson, Group Legal Counsel
  • Georges Mansourati, Chief Analytics and Credit Officer

Northmill's CEO

Northmill's CEO is Hikmet Ego. Hikmet co-founded Northmill in 2006 and became Chief Executive Officer in 2009. He has extensive experience from the tech-industry and holds an MSc in industrial engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Management committees

In addition to the management team, the CEO has two different committees at his disposal to manage the operational activities:

Credit committee

The credit committee is responsible for reviewing credit risk results, trends and decisions regarding Northmill's accumulation of credit risk.

Internal capital and liquidity adequacy assessment process committee (ICLAAP)

The internal capital and liquidity adequacy assessment process committee (ICLAAP) is responsible for assessing and deciding within the internal evaluation process for capital and liquidity.

Risk and audit committee

The board has appointed a risk and audit committee. The main task of the risk and audit committee is to monitor the company's financial reporting and ensure that the adopted principles for financial reporting, internal control, internal audit and risk assessment are complied with and applicable.

The risk and audit committee also has the task of supporting the nomination committee with proposals for the election of external auditors and auditors' fees. Northmill's risk and audit committee shall consist of at least two members of the board.

Risk and audit committee consists of the following members:

Erik Fagerland, Independent Member of the Board
Karl Källberg, Independent Member of the Board
Margareta Lindahl, Independent Member of the Board

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Specially appointed member regarding remuneration

The board of directors has appointed a member of the board to prepare matters for decisions in the board relating to remuneration principles, salaries and other remuneration to the CEO, the Chief Risk Officer and other members of management, and to follow up and evaluate the goals and principles for variable remuneration and long-term incentive programs.

The specially appointed member is Margareta Lindahl, Chairwoman of the Board.

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External auditor

Northmill Bank’s external auditor is PwC. PwC conducts the audit in Northmill Group AB (publ).

According to the articles of association, Northmill must have at least one and at most two auditors whose term of office runs until the end of the annual general meeting held after the year in which the auditor was appointed. At the annual general meeting 2019, the audit firm PwC was re-elected as auditor for the period that lasts until the end of the annual general meeting held in 2020. The authorized public accountant is Daniel Algotsson.

The annual audit comprises a statutory audit of the annual report, statutory audit of the parent company and all significant subsidiaries, auditing of internal report packages, auditing of the financial statements and a review of an interim report. Internal controls are used as part of the work. Auditing of the annual accounts are done during the period from January to February.

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