The greater picture

We believe that our differences make all the difference. The set of different skills and experiences our employees possess is the key to success across all areas of business.

Hikmet Ego, CEO and co-founder Northmill:

Our ability to create

Our ability to create and nurture a diverse and healthy culture and environment for every Northmillian is a core part of our success, but it is also something that cannot be taken for granted. It requires constant love and attention and we need to invest in it every day. We really are in a constant state of innovation and change, which means that it can be tough to always keep up with all parts of the business at all times. But I can promise you that we will always work relentlessly to improve and maintain a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, internally as well as externally, because our business depends on it.”

What we promise

  • Constantly monitor our diversity KPIs to keep track of our development and make sure we are moving in the right direction.
  • Aim to support managers with the right tools and education in order to avoid gender bias when recruiting new Northmillians.
  • Be transparent throughout the progress in our diversity and inclusion work.
  • Have unified definitions of what diversity and equality mean within Northmill to make our goals clear and easy to reach.
  • Stay tuned on how technology bias develops.
  • Let the diversity and inclusion policy have a natural place in every onboarding process of new Northmillians happening every quarter.

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