Corporate governance

Here you will find information about Northmill's management, governance, legal structure, risk management and remuneration.

Meet the management

Northmill is managed by the board, executive management and CXOs. In addition, there are several different committees to ensure risk management and supervision. 

Board and management

Governance and legal structure

Good corporate governance is all about ensuring that companies are managed sustainably, responsibly and as efficiently as possible. For Northmill it is highly important to maintain the trust of its stakeholders. 

All about governance

Risk management

Northmill is, through its operations, exposed to a number of different kind of risks – that is why we need risk management. The purpose of risk management is to ensure Northmill's long-term survival in the world of risks regarding credits, markets, operations, liquidity, finance and business.

Managing the risks


Remuneration at Northmill, as well as instructions and processes regarding it, are transparent. The purpose of remuneration structure is to strengthen Northmill's ability to attract talent at all positions and support equitable and fair treatment. The structure, in accordance with current regulations, also aims to maintain effective risk management.


Reporting the risks

On our investor relations section you will find up-to-date reporting, such as interim and annual financial reports, risk reports, documents and much more. 

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