Building the future of finance

Our mission is simple – we develop products that help people save time and money. And we are using the latest technology to do so. We want everyone to be in full control over their personal finances, wherever they are, in a way that is as accessible and customer-friendly as possible.

Our values

We summarize our core values in the word CRAFT, where each letter represents one of our key values. These key values characterize and define how we strive to behave and act. Our ambition is to perfect our craft by always keeping our core values in mind in everything that we do.

All about CRAFT


Northmill was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2006 because we knew that through new technology and a relentless mindset, we could develop customer-centric and accessible products that would help everyone save both time and money. And since day one, we have stayed true to our core mission: to simplify everyone’s financial lives. Today, Northmill has 200,000 customers and 125 employees, with over 50 percent working with IT, in three countries.

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Corporate governance and risk management

As a bank, Northmill acts under the supervision of Finansinspektionen, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Northmill is a subject to the Banking and Financing Business Act (2004:297) and complies with the rulings of the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Good corporate governance and risk management is about ensuring that companies are managed sustainably, responsibly and as efficiently as possible. If you want to know more about how governance and control are organized at Northmill, you will find more detailed information by following the link below.

Corporate governance

Geared for growth

Get to know the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team at Northmill. We are a diverse group of leaders, united by a single goal: to simplify everyone’s financial life.

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Member of Swefintech

Northmill is a member of the Swedish Financial Technology Association, which is the industry association for Swedish fintech companies. The initiative was put forward during Fintech Stockholm 2016 and the association was officially formed in January 2017.

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Northmill’s brands – Rebilla, Credway, Credigo and Easycredit – have served our customers since Northmill began its journey in 2006. Get to know our products, which help everyone simplify their financial life.


Investor relations

This is where you find all relevant information about our operations, including regulatory news, financial reports and contacts. 

Investor relations


On our press page, you find company news, press releases, contacts and updated press kits.

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