We are Northmill

Building a bank together

Northmill was founded in 2006 to improve financial freedom, with the ultimate goal to revolutionize the banking industry.

Our team is focused on solving problems and thus making banking what it should be. We do everything in-house: From app development to UX design and credit risk analysis.

Watch the video to meet some of our employees at the Stockholm HQ.

There is an alternative to the old

We want to revolutionize the old banking system by building a bank designed for our digital and modern lifestyle. That means redefining what a bank should be, making it more simple to use and available at all times.

A bank that is built for mobile from the very first day, with all services packed into your pocket.

Being part of the future

Stockholm is the second largest fintech hub in Europe. Just like many other regional financial hubs, the capital of Scandinavia has seen tremendous investment and activity in this sector.

It was from this atmosphere that Northmill emerged. Since the start, we have been a part of the fintech revolution that changes customer behavior.


Northmill was founded 2006 as a fintech startup based in Stockholm with the idea to simplify financial services.

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Member of Swefintech

Northmill is a member of the Swedish Financial Technology Association, which is the industry association for Swedish fintech companies. The initiative was put forward during Fintech Stockholm 2016 and the association was officially formed in January 2017.



As a financial company, we are under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finansinspektionen. Furthermore, Northmill is committed to comply with Anti-Money Laundering acts under the EU Directive 2013/0025 (COD).

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