Northmill simplifies people’s financial life

Northmill is a Swedish fintech innovation company. We develop straightforward and secure financial services for everyone through new technology, innovation and lots of passion.

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The birth of a rebellious disruptor

Northmill's vision to offer a product able to lower anyone's loan costs is no longer a vision, but a reality. We are proud to say that Rebilla is finally here, and it's here to save you money in the most seamless way possible.

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Northmill develops products that people understand

Every day we develop our products in the fields of credits, savings, payments, and insurances. To keep things simple, we prefer just calling it financial services.

Our products

Finance through technology

Northmill identifies as a fintech-company, meaning that our DNA is made of technology and that our business is finance. It’s by blending technology with finance that the best and most innovative financial products are created.

Since 2006, we provide customers with access to better credit by converting big data into smart data.

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Northmill’s unique IT culture

Northmill has always excelled at innovative solutions. Innovative ideas are critical to the success of our company, which is why we at Northmill have developed a unique IT culture and strategic framework to ensure that we are meeting the demands of a growing and dynamic market.

Career opportunities at Northmill

Are you looking for a challenge at a fast growing fintech company? We are hiring passionate people with a high performing attitude to help us turn our vision into reality.

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