The Power of We


What exactly is a “nice” office? Walls made of glass? A slide in the common area? A roof terrace? For us, the answer is a well-balanced combination of all the elements that makes us who we are.

Surfaces that stimulate our innovative working methods and endorse ideas; functionality in our working environment that allows us to keep on building the essential technology which is profoundly central in our banking operations; available common spaces that provide room and range for our collective fellowship and culture; our strong core values summed up in the word CRAFT on which the design concept is based.

Innovation and creativity

Our dream is to create a bank the way we want it to be -- transparent and accessible for everyone. With the help of the most modern technology available, we want to create Europe's most relevant and personal banking experience that will help you improve your financial life.

Challenging the preconceived idea of what a modern banking experience should be like and coming up with new ideas, has always been a natural part of our culture. All functions throughout the organization form swift and agile teams, that in one way or another develop, improve or update our unique experience. Since we are in constant motion, working cross-functionally and speaking over 20 languages, it is important for us that all design elements -- materials, color, textiles and furniture -- reflect and live our diversity.

Today, our modern office breathes functionality, flexibility and affinity in a warm and playful way. It is the result of a close collaboration between employees and interior designers IMMI Design. An obvious part of the process was to involve all employees into the process, because we know that when we stand together, there is nothing we cannot achieve. We call it "The Power of We." Our idea of ​​being a collective community is reflected throughout the office landscape where a lot of color, plants, warmth, personal images, intelligent solutions and creativity are in focus.

Style and work environment

Our working environment is based on our vivid culture and core values summed up in the word -- CRAFT. The style in our design concept is consequently a natural extension of our values, our working environment and the atmosphere we collectively maintain every day. In other words, the style of the interior details aligns with our thoughts of a healthy environment and atmosphere. This is also reflected in how we take care of our customers. For us, it is a mirror image.

Our core values

We are curious about the world and new technology, as well as our commitment to improve and simplify things. The word reflects our ability to constantly question established truths and our willingness to continue to learn more about our customers.

This word reflects our ongoing work to provide all people with simpler and more secure financial services. We will not stop until we have reached our goal of improving everyone's financial life.

We are active and in constant motion. Northmill Bank was built on innovation and a belief in lifelong learning, which is why we are constantly on the move. Regardless of size we will always maintain our identity and culture as an innovation company.

We are always focused on our goal and mission to improve all people's financial life. At the same time, we do not forget why and for whom we exist -- our customers.

Thorough represents the fact that we never compromise on compliance, quality or safety. Therefore, accuracy permeates all aspects of our business as we deliver safe and high quality services to our customers.

C.R.A.F.T. as a (life)style

Each room in our office tells a story that stimulates our inspiration as we take important decisions or discuss new ideas. Every little story is part of the bigger story about who we are, what we stand for and what we want to achieve. Our conference rooms are not only named after great entrepreneurs, they also have accompanying pictures and quotes that every day remind us of the journey we are on ourselves.

We work hard, but have fun while doing it. To encourage playfulness, we have a photo wall where a Polaroid camera is always ready to take legendary pictures of the person or people who feel for it. On walls near our workplaces, the new meet the old in photo frames with pictures from previous conferences, events and activities. The photographs frame moments of laughter, joy and shared experiences. Time capsules with memories that build our culture and anchor the feeling of belonging we feel for each other.

And on a wall in one of our larger meeting rooms, we have the word “Stay crafty” hanging in neon letters from the ceiling against a comprehensive plant wall, that every day reminds us of our values. Throughout, there is a great focus on greenery with plants and pots, different curtains, small details and different works of art.

Our office consists of a style that is both creative and timeless. There are playful interpretations and elements of classic Scandinavian style with different colors, along with different elements of ethnic styles. The colors used in our office come from our graphic identity and brand guideline.

Executing a sustainable working environment and atmosphere

For us, a sustainable working environment is about more than just recycling. Health and well-being for all our staff comes high up on the agenda, and we advocate a good balance between private and working life. Of course, we work hard, but we also work smart since we know how important rest and recovery are. We often train and practice different activities, both in groups and individually. Therefore, it is important that parts of the office are intended for relaxation, recovery and quiet work.

In our relaxation room you can clear your mind and rest before continuing your work day. We also have several completely quiet and soundproofed rooms that are well suited for working undisturbed, or taking a video meeting to not disturb your colleagues.

As we are a profoundly technology-driven bank, great functionality is a must for a sustainable work environment. That’s why we have technical solutions for all surfaces and areas that support our agile working methods. This means not only smart workspaces, but also areas for spontaneous meetings and discussions. Different areas of couches, chairs and tables allow us to meet in different places in the office. Even if it’s just to change perspectives.

A sustainable work environment is also about ergonomically smart functions that help all employees maintain good health. The fact that we frequently can change work position and workplace to have meetings where we feel like it makes us more active and mobile.

So what exactly is a nice office? For us, the answer is a modern workplace where all our staff feels good, motivated and inspired, while feeling part of the fellowship our culture represents. In other words, a well-balanced combination of all the elements that make us who we are.