Northmill inspires during AWS User Group Workshop


What do you learn during the workshops? 

In a nutshell, we walk the participants through what the serverless concept is and what are justified cases of using several AWS services. But we also cover infrastructure as a code approach and how to implement it in an AWS environment in order to make it easier to maintain. We round up the session with a discussion about the full continuous deployment process for serverless applications in the AWS cloud.

So, what are the key benefits of a cloud-based approach? 

There are several! Most of them are related to the fact that you can prevent a lot of problems connected to on-premises infrastructures, such as scalability. You can change the configuration of your servers in a few seconds, or even better, scale automatically without any downtime using serverless technology. It will also help in reducing costs since there is no need to invest in the maintenance of physical infrastructure. Another example is disaster recovery. We do not need to think about backups and storing data in more than one place.