New Chief Credit Officer at Northmill


Neobank Northmill, which has the vision to improve financial life, has recruited Johan Nordström as the bank’s new Chief Credit Officer. Johan has broad experience from both the finance and tech sectors. Among others, he held various roles for five years at GE Money Bank and following that he spent another five years at Nordax Bank, where he was leading the analytics and credit department. Most recently, Johan comes from the role as Chief Credit Officer at Rocker.

Hikmet Ego, co-founder and CEO at Northmill Bank comments:

“It feels great to welcome Johan to Northmill. He will contribute with experience, knowledge and great energy to an important function in the bank at a time when a lot of exciting things are happening, both at Northmill and in the fintech sector as a whole. We are building a bank together with our customers and it puts its stamp on our growth journey. I am convinced that Johan will fit right in and play an important role in continuing to develop Northmill.” 

Johan Nordström, Chief Credit Officer at Northmill Bank comments:

“I am excited and humble ahead of this new challenge. Northmill is at a very exciting phase and has all the tools and prerequisites to scale further. In my mind, Northmill stands out among neobanks with a sustainable business model and being a deeply tech-driven company at the same time. There is a hunger to explore and drive change for real - that was something that enticed me.”

The fintech sector continues to grow fast, both in Stockholm and internationally, and is challenging many parts of the traditional industry. The credit and analytics part of the market is no exception. 

Johan Nordström comments:

“Personally, it is inspiring to operate in such important areas as credit and analytics, and contribute to creating as safe and good products as possible for the consumers. Historically, credit products have looked pretty much the same and it has not been obvious that the foundation has been the consumers and their experiences. Today, luckily, that has started to change and  I believe such a product as Northmill Reduce, which helps people lower their cost on existing credits, is a great example of this exact change towards uncompromised customer focus. That is also why Northmill is the right place to be for me.”