Ninos Kurt: “A customer is not a number - a customer is the heart and soul”


For Ninos Kurt, an expert in customer service, the ability to listen, understand and communicate is just as important at Northmill as in life. Fully aware that nobody can be perfect, he always strives for improvement.

Every year, people from around the world gather around different championships. Whether it’s the World Cup, the Olympics or the Euros, supporters travel to a certain country to cheer for their team, as well as enjoying the company of all kinds of people.

Ninos Kurt, 33, knows a thing or two about this. On his trips to Canada, Russia, Austria and Switzerland, he fully embraced the fact that championships are the perfect opportunity for him to connect with people from different cities and cultures, with different mentalities.

- The ability to adapt and adjust my communication style depending on who I’m talking to is something I’ve learned over the years, and it reflects on my role at Northmill.

In what way?

- Mainly regarding how I listen, ask questions and communicate in a way that each customer can understand. You need to be reasonable, see the bigger picture and know that each person has its certain needs and wants, that every customer is completely unique.

“In every possible way”

Ninos Kurt began his journey at Northmill in 2008 - two years after the company was founded. For the past seven years, he has been a full time employee, much appreciated by the customers based on the reviews at Trustpilot, where Northmill has a 4.8 score out of 5.

- As a Senior Customer Success Agent, I basically help customers in every possible way. Regardless if it’s about invoices, savings or lowering the interest, we always try to help them with their matters and concerns, as well as give them some advice.

What kind of advice?

- Since our vision is to improve financial life, we aim to help them when it comes to handling their personal finances. The goal is to be proactive and give them the necessary tools to act instead of react.

Can you give us an example?

- When a customer applies for a loan, an automatic UC-request is being made. Rather than going that way, we ask them to download the application Kreddy to see which credit grade they have before they eventually apply for the loan. It takes a couple of extra minutes for us while waiting, but it helps the customers and makes them feel appreciated.

“Become sort of an advisor”

It is not a coincidence that Northmills latest annual conference had the theme “customer first”, and Ninos is a good example of an employee with this mindset.

- A customer is not a number. A customer is the heart and soul. We need to understand the need, act accordingly and simplify as much as possible when it comes to the product and the user experience. The key is to be transparent, thorough and pay attention to details.

Do you feel that you guys at Customer Center give them a sort of added value?

- Definitely. Soft values, such as transparency, are just as important as hard ones. We become sort of an advisor. If they apply for Reduce and choose to extend their loan period, we emphasize that a longer loan period means that the total cost might be higher, but they are welcome to pay extra manually if they want. This creates a feeling of us being helpful and caring about what’s best for the customer.

It almost sounds like Northmill is obsessed with the customer?

- It’s all about focusing on the customers and doing everything to help them. We are constantly changing by developing new products as well as improving current ones, and the fact that we are doing it to help people is the most inspiring thing about working here.

“Pick the best fruits”

Speaking of people, Ninos loves to spend time with family and friends, as well as finding a work-life-balance by swimming, bicycling or going to the gym. He has a passion for music, enjoys solving crossword puzzles and travelling the globe, not the least for championships.

After visiting Spain 14 times, studying business in the US and standing on the Great Wall of China, it is the connection with different people that has taught him some valuable lessons.

- At work and in life in general, it’s important to be flexible and have different nuances in the way you communicate. And if your experiences are like trees, pick the best fruits from every tree and put them in a basket. That basket will shape your personality and the way you act in different situations.

And along the way, just as with the customer - try to listen, understand and communicate?

- For sure. And while doing it, make sure to never be fully satisfied. It’s a continuous journey and a lifelong goal to always strive for improvement, knowing that you can never be perfect. You can always take it to the next level, though. The process is priceless. It’s almost perfect.

- - -

Quick questions

Favourite movie?
The Godfather part I and II are tied in first place.

Favourite book?
“Bränt barn” by Stig Dagerman, for his captivating way of writing, especially with this book.

Favourite food?
Schnitzel, lasagna, burgers, maldom… But korv stroganoff is number one!

Favourite artist?

Favourite song?
I’ve said it for many years, so I’ll have to stick with it… “Regulate” by Warren G and Nate Dogg.

Favourite team?
Barcelona and Hammarby.

Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Al Pacino or Robert De Niro?

Would you rather look into the future or change the past?
Look into the future - hopefully I will avoid different kinds of disasters!

Which languages do you speak?
Swedish, English, Spanish, Assyrian and Arabic.

Name one place you would like to go to?
Machu Picchu, Peru.

- - -

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