Feedback and Complaints

Do you have feedback on how we can improve our products even further or maybe a suggestion on an additional feature? Well, that is fantastic! Let us know more.

Our customers’ opinions are very important to us in order to continuously develop our products. That is why we conduct customer surveys and have an on-going dialogue with our customers.

Regardless of how hard we try and how well we operate, there can be situations where our customer feels dissatisfied. Therefore it is very important that our customers have a simple and easy way to let us know about their experiences.

Our complaint policy

We always aim to resolve your complaint as soon as possible, at most within 14 days. Should the handling of your complaint take longer than 14 days due to e.g. that it is necessary to conduct a more thorough investigation, we will of course let you know, to ensure you are kept informed of the progress of your complaint.

We handle complaints in a factual and unified manner and are following the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s (Finansinspektionen) general recommendations about handling complaints. Our customers should always feel that we take the complaints seriously and that they have been taken care of in the best possible manner. 

Free consultation and help in Sweden

In case you are not satisfied with our way of handling your complaint, you are welcome to reach out to external actors for consultation and help. 

Consumers’ banking and finance bureau

From Swedish consumers' banking and finance bureau you will get advice and guidance, free of charge. Contact details below. 

National board for consumer disputes (ARN)

Another alternative, in case of not being satisfied with the handling of your complaint, is to reach out to the National board for consumer disputes (ARN). Contact details below.

Budget and debt advice from Swedish municipalities

In Sweden the municipalities offer advisory services regarding budgeting and debt issues. You have the right to receive assistance when planning your personal finances. Read more from Swedish consumer agency's homepage.

Complaints about insurance products

When you want to give feedback regarding our insurances, please contact our customer center team first. If you are not happy with our way of dealing your complaint, we advice you to turn to TPA Claims & Administration. In case you are still not satisfied with the handling of your complaint, you can be in contact with our partner Maiden Life & General.

Online dispute resolution

Swedish law is applicable to the loan agreement, hence not Swedish rules of conflict of laws. In case of a dispute between the parties, the customer can in many cases turn to The national board for consumer disputes in order to activate a free hearing. Contact details are available at The national board for consumer disputes’ rulings are not legally binding, but Northmill’s policy is to follow the rulings. If Northmill assesses that a dispute resolution is of principal importance, Northmill can call for the dispute to be settled in general court.

Swedish general court shall be eligible to try the dispute in connection to the loan agreement. If a party at the time of the proceedings is not domiciled in Sweden, the other party shall also have the right to bring proceedings before the competent court in the country where the party is domiciled. If the customer has assets in a country other than the country in which the customer is domiciled, Northmill shall also have the right to bring an action for payment of loan amounts, interest, fees and reimbursement of costs at the competent court in the country where the customer has assets.

Advisory services from Finland

In Finland you will also be able to contact external contact points for advisory and consultation services, in case you want to know more about your rights.

Finnish consumer disputes board

Finnish consumer disputes board consists of members who are appointed by the Finnish Ministry of Justice.

Finnish consumer advisory services

Finnish consumer advisory services is a national service providing information about consumer rights. Contact details below.

Financial and debt counselling in Finland

In Finland you can get financial and debt counselling services free of charge from legal aid officesin the public legal aid and guardianship districts. Read more about the service from Legal aid offices homepage.

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This is how you leave a complaint

When you want to leave a complaint to us, you can contact our customer center and ask for a person who handles your case, or that you have been in contact with earlier.

If you would like to leave a more formal complaint, please fill in a form by clicking below. Your complaint will be handled by a person responsible for complaints and feedback. Ultimately responsible for handling complaints is Northmill’s CEO.