Northmill P2P

In 2016 Northmill purchased a P2P lending platform as part of a research and development project. Since then we've been evaluating the possibility of launching our own platform as a supplement to the current product portfolio of consumer lending products.

The technology

The major reason for Northmill purchasing the platform was that the code base were of very high quality. With a state of the art technical platform, the foundation is laid for creating an innovative P2P product.

Is the market ready?

The concept of peer to peer lending is a growing and thriving business in the United States and other countries with companies like Lending Club and Prosper. 

As a swedish fintech company, we see huge possibilities in creating a new marketplace matching lenders with borrowers. However, we do not believe in the model that is out there on the market right now and if we were to launch, we would do something different and much better.

Announcements concerning the P2P project will be released at Northmill's news site, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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