20 April 2018

Reporting from developer conference Kariera IT

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As announced two weeks ago, Northmill sponsored and attended the recruitment event for IT professionals called Kariera IT. It is a local event where the developer community can meet companies to see what exciting projects are happening in the area. We were excited about engaging with up-and-coming talent to recruit for our open positions, and wanted to share our experience.

The day started with setting up the booth – which demanded some less techy-skills like cutting nice signs with scissors. Once we got going up and running there was a lot of attendees showing up to talk the latest tech. 

Our Chief HR Officer, Annie Berglund, said she was impressed by the amount of engagement we got: “There were probably over 100 people who approached our booth, which was very fun! People were enthusiastic and we had some good conversations. While we were there to promote the company in general, discussions naturally gravitated towards what tech stacks we use as it was an IT specific event.”

We also wanted to do something a bit different at Kariera IT, so we set up a gaming station where visitors could get a break from all the career talk. There’s plenty of Nintendo fans at our IT office, so the game of choice naturally fell to Super Smash Bros.

During the day, we had two talks - one with our CTO Marcin Ziółkowski, who described the serverless technology that we use; “It is rapidly advancing and getting lots of attention in the IT world. We can see more and more companies jumping into it because of various advantages it offers, despite its obvious issues resulting from early age of development”. He also talked about Rebilla, the mobile banking app.

Later in the afternoon, Software Developers Mateusz Boś and Michał Górski talked about Android testing in the Espresso Framework. They went through the basics, like how to work with commands, but also touched on advanced features like intent stubbing and page object pattern. “Our goal was to show that it is not that hard to begin testing and make tests more maintainable,” Mateusz said about the session.

To give people a taste of what our IT culture is like, we designed The Northmill Challenge, a 3-part coding test where attendees got a change to win a pair of Sennheiser headphones. The winner, who scored a whopping 92 percent, was Marcin Bambynek! We have reached out to Marcin who will receive his brand new headphones soon.

Overall, our thoughts on the event was positive. “It was a good opportunity to present the company, and I hope it leads to a lot of good candidates for our open roles,” Marcin Ziółkowski said of the event.


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