05 September 2018

Northmill takes on GDPR

News Ninos Gawrieh


May 25th 2018 is rapidly approaching, a deadline that many security and compliance officers know by heart: GDPR. As an actor in the financial industry, Northmill will be affected in many ways. However, not necessarily everybody knew exactly what this meant internally, so we presented it in the most engaging way we knew – through Northchill, held by our Security and Compliance Officer Ninos Gawrieh.

Ninos talked about how he got started with what would lead into GDPR, as Northmill were working on another project that required a lot of compliance documentation. “When we drilled into the various compliance sections in that project, it became clear that technical and organisational security aspects came into question. We handed in all guidelines need for the project, and I thought we would then have a break before the implementation phase of that compliance because we were at least a year ahead of that regulation’s enforcement. That was when I learned about GDPR”.

As the regulations will affect all our departments differently, this session was more general to let our employees know about the precautions Northmill is taking to protect our customer’s data. We also discussed how everyone as consumers will be affected, and what rights you have regarding your data in the digital services you use or subscribe to.

Ninos wrapped up the presentation with a short quiz to check how “compliant” everybody’s knowledge level was.

As usual with Northchill, we like to combine business and entertainment, so we ordered some catered food and drinks for our participants afterwards.

All in all, it was a very valuable evening where we got everyone involved in a topic that affects us all. Product Specialist Nikola Markovic, who has been involved with the GDPR work towards our partners, described the process: “It’s been a unprecedented project in terms of collaboration. We started off by seeing GDPR as this huge brick wall that would be impossible to break. Then everyone took a deep breath, we included all departments at Northmill and started taking apart the wall brick by brick until GDPR went from being a curse word to something amusing and accomplishable".


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