03 October 2019

Northmill's new Rebilla campaign hits the streets of Stockholm



Real-life rebels to raise awareness about reduced interest rate 

Northmill, which recently became Europe's newest tech-bank, now launches its first branding campaign for Rebilla Reduce. A product that reduces the interest rate for people with an existing credit, part payment or credit card bill. The bold campaign stating that if Rebilla Reduce does not manage to reduce the interest rate - you get SEK 300, will be visible for five weeks on key urban touchpoints in Stockholm - from billboards to stations and screens. 

Northmill based its campaign on the concept of rebels since they often are pioneers and innovators, those who truly change things. They have the conviction and courage to go their own way, even though others have said it would be impossible. With this campaign, Northmill alludes to the rebellion mindset and wants to highlight the same drive to change and challenge the status quo in the traditional finance industry, by using the latest technology to develop new cutting-edge products that simplify everyone’s financial life. 

“Our vision with Rebilla Reduce is to reduce the cost for people with existing credits by reducing their interest rate and thereby helping them save money. Our mission is to create value for customers by developing simple and accessible products,” said Hikmet Ego, CEO at Northmill. 

Northmill became Europe’s newest tech-bank when the company received the license to conduct banking operations in September, and with a five-year annual growth rate of 75 percent, Northmill has created a solid foundation to launch a competitive and scalable product that will be a cornerstone in the company’s continued expansion.

“We really want to put the spotlight on how we can save money for customers using our cutting edge technology stack. We developed Rebilla Reduce based on what our 200 000 customers have told us they are looking for. That means no hidden fees, fully transparent and a really strong offer for customers. That is the type of tech-bank we are building. We want this campaign to emphasize these key advantages and how our products help people be in full control over their personal finances, wherever they are, in a way that is as accessible and customer-friendly as possible,” said Hikmet Ego. 

In order for people to challenge their current interest rate, the only thing required by the customer is to take a photo of the invoices and upload them to the app. And following our tailored credit scoring process, the customer can see how much money they will save and can choose to accept with electronic ID. 

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