03 March 2019

Northmill collaborates with Freshdesk to enhance customer service

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Northmill has decided to collaborate with customer support platform Freshdesk to enhance user experience and reduce response times. As a business in a stage of rapid expansion, Northmill has always looked at innovative solutions to scale its customer-facing operations more efficiently. By implementing Freshdesk’s CRM, used by 150,000 companies with customers like HP, DHL and American Express, the company has been able to increase customer satisfaction and response times.

As of 2019, Northmill has over 200,000 users, available in two countries across three brands. With a constantly growing user base and product portfolio, the traditional solutions that the customer service agents used were proving less feasible at scale. Thus Chief Customer Officer Simon Nilsson opted to find a solution that could enhance the workflow for Northmill’s employees, but also empower them to automate tedious manual processes.

"We do not settle for anything less than best-in-class service for our customers. This means ensuring that we deliver a fast and secure service where customers always get the help they need from talented agents with a service-minded approach” says Simon Nilsson.

The company went with Freshdesk’s implementation based on its intuitive interface, creating a seamless transition for the entire customer service team. Not only are these values shared by Northmill, but the ease of use allowed the agents to be up and running in the CRM in no time. Through Freshdesk, the company was able to:

  • Track and prioritize customer conversations in a time-efficient manner
  • Automate workflows to improve response rates
  • Get insightful data that provided opportunities to increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has improved by five percent and the first response times have been lowered. As the team is expecting to grow, the company expects the shown benefits to grow with them.

“Freshdesk is user-friendly and offers great features that have helped us take our customer service to the next level. Freshdesk is now a natural part of our business. I know that every agent working with it thinks that it is a huge improvement that makes their workdays better” says Simon Nilsson.


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