28 February 2018

Northmill Finland celebrates new office

There’s a lot happening in Northmill Finland. New office and rapid expansion gave us reason to celebrate; we brought the Stockholm HQ tradition, Northchill, to our Nordic neighbors! Keep reading to see our new location and get a glimpse of our flagship event.

Since opening the Helsinki-based operation in 2015, we’ve had 3 different offices. The most recent move was in December and is a substantial upgrade over previous premises. With that in mind, it felt like the perfect opportunity to show some more from our licorice-loving colleagues. Let’s take a tour!


News Northmill Finland Office 1

The new entrance. Welcome to Northmill Oy!


News Northmill Finland Office 2

Marketers Tomi and Ronja in the new marketing and analytics department.


News Northmill Finland Office 3

Our avid Customer Center employees, providing state of the art customer service.


News Northmill Finland Office 5

Customer Center Manager Tuomas Hirvonen, with one of the numerous fireplaces in the new office.

How did Northmill Oy grow so fast?

A few of the employees have been at Northmill Oy since the first office. Pekka Liukkunen, our Finnish Data Scientist, has seen them all: 

“I joined the Northmill team here in Finland in the spring of 2016. We had two white rooms and basically just a few computers sitting on white IKEA tables. So you could say at the very least that the office was minimalistic. However there we were, 7 brave Northmillians running the Finnish operations."


News Northmill Finland Office 6

Pekka and Product Specialist Niko Kuusi preparing for today’s event.

“The summer of 2016 was quite hot and at some point, we came to the conclusion that 10 square meters for a growing company might not be big enough space. At that stage, we began our first moving operation and we managed to get a quite nice place just across the street. That office had THREE rooms and much more air for us to breath. We even managed to get a kitchen so people had an opportunity to cook lunch there.

Skip under one year forward and we started to realize that even the second office is not big enough for Northmill Finland due to our fast expansion. We struggled a lot with meetings since the kitchen and conference room was the same thing. We also started to run out of table spaces for new computers. Although I'm sure many of us have great memories from the second office, the time was right to upgrade again.”

The new premises are a bit of retreading, as it’s located in the same building as it originally was, Boulevard 14 in Central Helsinki.

Anna-Maria Wiker, who also joined Northmill in 2016, felt very positively about the much appreciated additional space: "Well it's probably triple the size at least which makes it a nicer environment since we have more air during the day, and the noise level in the Customer Center is a bit calmer. Of course, the views and the fireplaces are also a nice touch!"

Expanding on a Northmill tradition

To celebrate the new offices, we decided to bring a Northmill tradition from the HQ: Northchill. It’s an internal event for all employees, meant to inspire and engage employees while getting some good food and drinks. This time, one of the founders of Northmill, COO Sargon Kurt, took the stage to talk about the origins of the company and its development throughout the years.


News Northmill Finland Office 7

COO Sargon Kurt talking “The Northmill Story”.


News Northmill Finland Office 8

This Northchill had legendary Skiffer pizza on the menu.

All in all, it was a great visit, and Pekka concludes our thoughts quite well:

“I’d say we can all be so proud of having this office. It's not only classy and spacious but it is a reminder of how far we have actually come here in Finland. We started with a small two-room setup and now we are 20 people working in different departments and focusing each to our own specialties. I'm sure we will still have many new offices in future but as it is now I can truly say that our current one is not only functional but also a great place to be working at.”


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