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Northmill continues to attract top talent

We continue our growth journey with the aim of simplifying everyone ́s financial life. To succeed, we need the asset we value the most - amazing talent that shares our vision and want to become rebels, ready to revolutionize the finance sector. We recently hired six new people that will be working out of our office in Poland. And during a big annual tech-event that Northmill was the head sponsor to, Info-meet, we got the chance to ask two of our new recruits some quick questions about what motivates them to become a part of Northmill, what they think of the fintech-sector and much more. Enjoy!

Welcome to Northmill! How have your first days been?

“Great, since the first day I feel like part of the team. People here are friendly and ready to lend me a hand in case I don't understand something yet,” said Evelina. Her new colleague Wojciech agree and add that he was thrown into the storm right away.

From the first day, I was thrown into production code and infrastructure. It was really exciting because I felt from the beginning that I am a part of the living system and are able to influence it!”

What was it with Northmill that made you eager to join us?

“Well, in a sentence”, Wojciech said.Product oriented organisation that is working with the newest technologies".

It was a very friendly atmosphere during my interviews, I liked that. Northmill is also a company which is about to grow, I found that interesting since that will become a new experience for me. It felt like a place that had openness for change, that invest in people.”

What is your driving force / what motivates you?

“That’s easy!”, Evelina said. “Learning new things, see the effects of my work and surround myself with motivated people.”
“Yeah, I couldn't agree more. The fact that you can be part of a living system. Building a team and solutions from scratch is also an exciting experience,” said Wojciech.

What do you think are the most exciting about fintech today, and why?

“We are surrounded by so many technologies, methodologies and frameworks”, Wojciech said. “It has never been harder to choose them wisely. In fintech we have many challenges related to availability, reliability and scalability and it is exciting to choose the right things to solve them.” 

And Evelina summed it up.
“I think the most exciting is to create fast and easy solutions without complicated bureaucracy. Living a fast-paced life force us to simplify processes, and I think fintech is an answer for that.”

Can you tell us something about yourself that you don't think so many people know?

It seemed like we hired two animal lovers. One cat-person and one dog-person…
I love animals - especially cats!” said Wojciech. “Oh really?”, said Evelina. “I love walking my dog, and FPS games!”.

We wish them both and all the other new recruits a warm welcome to Northmill! Are you interested in a career at Northmill, check out our career page.

Ewelina Rietz

Name: Ewelina Rietz 
Date of birth: 10.12.1988 
Position at Northmill: Full-Stack Developer 
Favourite food: Dumplings 
Best city: I'm not a big fan of cities but if I have 
to choose one It would be Pragha, old and good looking place!
Best series: IT Crowd 
Number of devices: > 5 
Education: Biomedical Engineer 

Wojciech Dąbrowski

Born: Bytom, Poland
Position at Northmill: Full-stack developer
Favorite food: Indian food
Best city I have ever been to: Gdańsk
Best documentary/movie/series: Into the wild
Number of devices: Many...
Education: Master of Science / Informatics

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