Rasmus Adler Wahlberg talks about the importance of giving at Northchill

Rasmus at Northchill

Northmill invited Rasmus Adler Wahlberg to talk about what it means to have a giving mindset.

Every second-month Northmill arranges Northchill. A fun event which takes place at Northmill HQ in Stockholm, where different speakers talk about interesting topics such as leadership, organizational structure, company culture and productivity, among others.

This time Northmill invited Rasmus Adler Wahlberg, a serial entrepreneur who has founded several successful companies. One of his latest is called Fitness Collection and is Sweden’s first holistic fitness subscription that gives their users access to over 3500 fitness classes all over Stockholm and Gothenburg every day. Fitness Collection is on a mission to change the way our fitness membership looks today and wants to challenge the big fitness centers on the Swedish market.

Rasmus is also involved in and supports charity organizations and coaches other entrepreneurs in order to help them succeed.

By giving, you become more successful

Inspired by Adam Grant, an American author, and professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Rasmus has embraced the theory of giving and wants to emphasize the importance of it and how much, helping others, in the end makes us happier and drives our success in life.

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”Adam Grant

The easiest way to actually practice this is to start a so called giving circle and simply ask another person what you can do for them or by asking for help.

By having a giving mindset rather than a taking one you’ll see that you can improve everything from work and team building, to your productivity and personal life.

If you want to learn more we recommend you to check out Adam Grant’s TED-talk or get a copy of his book, Give and Take.

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