Northmill, one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies

Dagens Industri, Sweden’s largest financial newspaper, has awarded Northmill the DI Gasell, for being one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies.

Dagens Industri is Sweden’s largest financial newspaper and was founded in 1976. Each year since 2000 Dagens Industri is nominating the fastest growing companies in Sweden which they call “Di Gasell”.

Di gasell logo

A Di Gasell company must meet the following criteria:

  • Turnover exceeding 10 MSEK
  • Minimum 10 employees
  • At least doubled their turnover, when comparing the first and the last year
  • Increased their turnover each year the last three years
  • A positive operating profit for the four last years
  • In all essentials grown organically, not by acquisitions or fusions
  • Sound finances

We at Northmill are flattered by the award and will continue to follow our expansion plans, including the launch of the new mobile financial hub Rebilla and establishment on new international markets.

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