Swedish fintech companies to form new association

During Fintech Stockholm 2016 it was announced that leading fintech companies in the country are forming a new lobby association.

Behind the announcement was Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, chairwoman of The Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (SVCA). The initiative is backed by leading fintech companies such as Klarna and Collector.

Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist at Fintech Stockholm

"We are a few enthusiasts who think that there is a need to work together, because we have common interests and needs", says Lena Apler, founder and chairwoman of Collector Bank, to tech news site Breakit.

She feels that the business doesn't get the same positive response from the politicians as it gets from investors, where the latter have a long time ago understood the power that comes from the digital revolution of the financial industry.

The founding companies of the association is Klarna, Nasdaq, NFT Ventures, Collector, Lendify and the North Cape. Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist hope that 50 companies may join.

Next, a temporary interim board will prepare the association's birth. Then the association, which has the working title "Swedish Fintech Association", will hold its first meeting early 2017.

Northmill supports the initiative and is looking forward in applying for membership and to contribute by the best of our ability.

Update: Swefintech held its first constituent meeting


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