Northmill enters a new era

The world is changing in so many different ways and so is the financial industry. Northmill has chosen to rebrand its identity and enters the new year with a fresh and up to date look.

What is Northmill?

Northmill is a platform for fantastic talented people who bring their fantasy, skills and competence together to make life a little bit easier for mankind. We use state of the art technology and awesome design to make consumer finance much easier and a little bit more fun.

Why rebranding?

As a company Northmill has grown so fast the last years that it sometimes feels like we 've become a new company comparing to what we used to be just a couple of years ago.

In a few years we went from 10 to 50 employees, we grew from 1 country to 3 and we've launched a bunch of new products and much more. We call it Northmill 2.0 and because of that we felt we needed to revise our look with three core words in mind:




Historical identity

Over the years Northmill has had two different logos. This new look will be the third. And each logo has had its own era and meaning to the organisation. The wordmark in the logo contains a mill which symbolise the awesome people that moves Northmill forward in one synchronised movement just like the mill, which was invented around 600 A.D and were among the first machines which moved forward without human muscles.

Northmill's first logotype

Northmill's first logotype.

Northmill's second logotype

The second logo was launched in 2014 and got a whole new look even though we kept the mill.

When looking back at old logos they always feel obsolete. That's also one of the reasons we thought it was time to review the current profile. But even though they look old all of the logos are part of our DNA and will always be remembered with great joy.

The big challenge

Often when designing a logo a bureau get's the mission to design one logo. In our case Northmill is a multibrand organisation with 6 different brands communicating with different audiences. The huge challenge in this case from a designers point of view is to design a wordmark that can be used for all the 6 brands and audiences. 

Unfortunately 3 different designers failed under a two month period developing the logo. Below you can see some examples of the failed logos:

Failed logo 1

Failed logo 2

Failed logo 3

Failed logo 4

Failed logo 5

Failed logo 6

Failed logo 7

Failed logo 8

The new look

Throughout the years we've experienced that the current logotype can be complex to work with. Just to name an example we could only place our current logotypes on either black or white background. In other words, Northmill, in this case, couldn't be blue. We either had to choose between white or black. 

Northmill logo with background colors

As you can see above the logo did not look good on blue background and that's why it was never used on blue.

When knowing that we couldn't be as flexible as we wanted with our current identity and that we couldn't express ourselves the way we wanted to different audiences we felt it was time for a fresh look. At the same time we wanted to maintain our legacy, the mill, and this is the end result:

Northmill logo 2017

This is the original logo in the standard colors. It's simple, friendly and safe.

Norhtmill's logo 2017 - Black Ground

This is how the logo looks on black background.

Northmill's logo 2017 - Blue

Because of the flat design the logo can also be used in only blue color.

Northmill's logo 2017 - Blue Ground

With the new logo Northmill can finally express the blue color in a dominating way if we like.

A strong wordmark

The old wordmark that Northmill had was unfortunately not strong enough to use on its own. When we started this design project one of the most important requirements was to design a wordmark that can survive on its own. Without the text. Finally we have that strong wordmark and it look's awesome even when it's alone:

Northmill on Twitter

Northmill on Twitter

Northmill on LinkedIn

Northmill on LinkedIn

A flexible and new look

The new identity feels very much like Northmill. We've kept the mill, we've kept a blue color that is a little bit different. But the new design is flat, we don't use any shades or fades and this makes it much more flexible to work with. Below you can see examples of the same wordmark on one of our other brands. 

Credigo's logo 2017

Credigo, one of Northmill's brands with the same wordmark.


Access the logotypes by clicking on the links below:







Blue Inverted

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