16 December 2020

Northmill Bank appoints new CTO

Tobias Ny1

Tobias Palmborg will scale up and accelerate the neobank's technology and product organization

Stockholm 16 December 2020:
The Swedish neobank, Northmill Bank, which has the vision of improving people's financial life, has recruited Tobias Palmborg as new Chief Technology Officer, CTO. Most recently, Tobias comes from a role as CTO at the online gambling provider Netent. He also has a background as Development Manager at Unibet and Engineering Manager at Klarna. His mission at Northmill Bank will be to scale up and accelerate the technology and product organization, strengthen the connection to the core business, and prepare for continued expansion. Tobias also takes a seat in the neobank's Management Team.

Hikmet Ego, CEO and co-founder at Northmill Bank, comments:
“We are happy to welcome Tobias to Northmill Bank! He has a wide experience and international expertise, and has a deep knowledge of how a modern and agile tech and production organization works. Today, over fifty percent of our employees work with tech and we have the ambition to continue our long-term commitment and grow profitably. We want to be a positive driver for more customer-centric financial products, and have a high degree of relevance and personalization in our offerings. Tobias will play an important role in this exciting and business-critical work.”

Tobias Palmborg, CTO at Northmill Bank, comments:
“There is another dimension to Northmill Bank which attracted me. A genuine desire to improve people's financial lives, and with the help of technology and genuine customer focus, create a banking experience that doesn’t exist today. There’s also a culture of courage where they dare to challenge and question things, that feels very inspiring. There is already a natural scalability and a high operational efficiency in place. I look forward to continuing developing and creating a product and technology organization, which not only supports the business, but actively pushes towards the goal of improving our customers' financial lives.”

Northmill Bank is a completely digital and cloud-based bank working with leading technology companies in the world, such as Amazon AWS and Snowflake. During the year, the neobank also entered into a partnership with the open-banking platform Tink. This is something the new CTO sees as a great opportunity in the future.

Tobias Palmborg comments:
"During my first short time at Northmill Bank I have already noticed that there is a very strong commitment and technical competence among the employees, and a willingness to constantly investigate how new technology can develop our products. Obviously, we want to maintain this speed and engagement, since it will be important to continue testing new solutions that optimize the customer experience."

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