07 October 2020

Northmill Bank appoints new Chief Commercial Officer

Picture 1 Simon

– Simon Nilsson takes on the mission to accelerate the development of relevant and personal banking products

Stockholm 7 October 2020: The Swedish neobank Northmill Bank, which improves people's financial life, appoints Simon Nilsson as Chief Commercial Officer. During his years at Northmill Bank, Simon Nilsson has had the role of strategically responsible for the neobank's customer-related inquiries and has been part of the bank's Executive Management Team. In his new role, Simon assumes overall responsibility for both sales and marketing, with the aim to further accelerate the development of new intelligent and relevant banking products.

Simon Nilsson, Chief Commercial Officer at Northmill Bank.
“I feel humble but confident ahead in my new role. My goal is to continue finding the tools to listen to our customers, and create processes where there is no contradiction between adding value to customers and maintaining a profitable business. I am proud that we have managed to grow the portfolio recently while maintaining a customer satisfaction of over 90 percent in the middle of a pandemic, at the same time as we launched new and updated products. Among them Reduce ™, which is a product that enables people to redeem their existing credits and lower their interest rates. Reduce™ has been received very well and we have received many applications from a wide range of customers, despite minimal marketing. We see that our strategy to improve people's financial life with the help of technology is bearing fruit. It feels very inspiring to be a part of this work moving forward”. 

Simon Nilsson has worked at Bluestep Bank and Zmarta Group, to name a few, and has more than ten years of experience from the financial industry. He has held leading positions such as Head of Sales and Chief Customer Officer, before entering this new role at Northmill Bank.

Hikmet Ego, CEO and co-founder of Northmill Bank.
“It is always exciting to be able to take advantage of the talent that already exists within the company. We continue building our product organization, and I am convinced that Simon will play an important role as we now enter another intense period, with a focus on communicating our rapidly growing banking offering in several markets. We live in a competitive world demanding that we every day have the strength and courage to question, and challenge, how things traditionally have been done. It is a mindset that has been with us since the start and I know that Simon will continue in the same spirit”.


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