15 January 2020

Northmill appoints new CMO

Northmill General Post Image


- Mattias Hallgrim from Zmarta the latest addition to the fast-growing tech bank

The Swedish tech bank Northmill appoints Mattias Hallgrim as the new Chief Marketing Officer, CMO. Mattias has over 20 years of experience from a wide range of leading businesses such as Tradedoubler and Ticketmaster and most recently he held the role as CMO at Zmarta, where he was responsible for the international launch of the brand. His mission at Northmill becomes to lead the marketing department’s operations and establish and form the perception of the fast-growing bank. Mattias will also become a part of Northmill’s Management Team. 

Hikmet Ego, CEO at Northmill commented:
“We are super excited to have Mattias onboard. His extensive experience and deep knowledge within marketing, sales, and overall branding strategy will become an important asset to our team in a time when we are growing our banking offer and further scale our business. We are building a bank centered around the customers’ needs which puts an extra level of responsibility on the organization to be curious and receptive. Mattias will play an important role in continuing to develop that culture.”

A common thread in Mattias’ career has been to enter companies in a phase where both the company and the sector as a whole, face disruptive change and where old truths have started to be questioned. Northmill and the finance sector is no exception. 

Mattias Hallgrim, CMO at Northmill commented:
“I feel humble to what is ahead of me and very much looking forward to continuing to add to the momentum Northmill built up. There is a genuine desire to be an industry driver towards smarter banking products that help people save money. For me, marketing and communication are an integral part of the business and it feels exciting to be part of a new consumer bank that challenges a traditional industry by putting the customers first.” 

Northmill has made several key recruitments in a short period of time. Amongst them, the bank has appointed a Head of New Markets and a new Chief Analytics and Credit Officer.



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