19 February 2020

New Chief Product Officer at Northmill

Northmill General Post Image

- Arash Eftekhari moves from Klarna to join the Swedish tech bank 

The Swedish tech bank Northmill hires Arash Eftekhari as its new Chief Product Officer. Arash has extensive experience from scaling up and boost efficiency in product organizations and most recently he held the role of Product Manager at Klarna. In that position, Arash led the development of services such as Shipping Service and Instant Shopping. Previously, Arash held similar roles at Qliro and Schibsted. His mission at Northmill is to lead product development aiming to strengthen the connection between the product and the user. Arash becomes part of the bank’s Management Team.

Hikmet Ego, CEO at Northmill commented:

“We are truly excited that Arash becomes a part of our fast-growing bank. He has an impressive profile and is used to working in a fast-paced and innovative environment. Arash has proven strategic and operational capacity to establish an efficient product organization based on a healthy balance between creativity, compliance and speed. Currently, we make several strategic investments in the organization and it is very encouraging that we continue to attract top talent that is eager to join our journey. 

Northmill has introduced a large number of new products and features over the past twelve months, among them, the savings account Rebilla Reserve and the Rebilla Card. To meet the growing demand for these new products and features, Northmill has decided to put in an extra gear in its product development.

Arash Eftekhari, Chief Product Officer at Northmill commented:

“Northmill walks their own path and I truly believe in how they approach the market. They have a strong customer focus and a genuine desire to help people save money, which mirrors the fast-growing product portfolio. It is a very competitive sector, but Northmill has the opportunity to create a real connection to people with its products, and I feel excited to continue developing that capacity. I will also focus on intertwining the strong corporate culture with clear and effective structures for the day-to-day operations, to help employees grow and feel appreciated in their roles. 

Recently, Northmill has hired a new Chief Marketing Officer, a Chief Analytics and Credit Officer, a Chief Risk Officer and a Head of New Markets.


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