Swedish Financial Technology Association, shortened Swefintech, is an industry association for the Swedish fintech companies whose purpose is to provide a platform for Sweden's fintech community to speak with one voice.

The association was officially formed on 17th of January 2017. It will act within the financial industry as a lobbyist and spokesperson. Northmill is a member of Swefintech.


Foundation and first meeting

One of the founders of the Swedish Financial Technology Association is Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, Chairwoman at Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (SVCA).

Thand Ringqvist announced the initiative to found Swefintech in 2016 at Fintech Stockholm. In the beginning of 2017 the association held its first constituent meeting at the premises of Stockholm Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Stockholm).

Roughly 60-70 people attended the constituent meeting. In addition to Northmill, the event was attended by representatives from Klarna, Collector, iZettle, Wrapp, Tink, Toborrow and several other companies.

Lena Apler from Collector Bank was chosen as Chairwoman of Swefintech.

Warm reception

One of the speakers at the meeting was Per Bolund, Swedish Minister for Financial Markets. Bolund said that he believes fintech can help making the entire financial sector better and more available by creating new funding opportunities such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending.

Bolund stated that he as well as the Swedish government wanted to continue to work in order for Sweden to maintain its position as a leading fintech country. He ended his speech by congratulating Swefintech on its foundation.

The board of Swefintech

Lena Apler (Chairwoman)
Founder and Chairwoman, Collector

Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist
Senior Advisor, NFT Ventures

Markus Mild
Regulatory Strategist, Nasdaq

Erika Eliasson
Chief Strategic Communications Officer and Head of Savings, Lendify

Aron Modig
Chief of Financial Strategic Planning, Klarna

Rikard Hjelm
CEO, Nordkap

Magnus Oskarsson
Senior Associate, DLA Piper

Stig Johasson
SFID Advisory

Daniel Nordholm
CEO, Bambora​

Entry requirements and membership fees

Swefintech is targeting companies which are mainly dealing with financial technology solutions. Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist estimates there are around 80 Swedish Fintech companies with 30 of them becoming members from the start. The membership fee is from 5,000 SEK to 80,000 SEK per year.

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